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Rogaine for Women


Rogaine/Regaine is a clinically proven hair regrowth treatment product first launched for men. While the brand is widely accepted as the category leader in men’s hair regrowth, it actually deters women suffering from the same problem due to the perception of being
a harsh chemical product made “only for men.” 

Challenges included: 
– Establishing Rogaine as a credible provider of a women's product
– Remove category stigma
Move the brand from a masculine drug to being part of a feminine beauty regimen rooted in aspiration and confidence

Because there was not a lot of brand equity in Rogaine as a women's product, there was an opportunity to start fresh with a completely new brand.


In order to truly re-position women’s Rogaine in the market, we developed a compelling global packaging identity under a new brand name: “Lumesse, from the makers of Rogaine.

Like luxurious products such as anti-anging creams which women feel good about buying, Lumesse was intended to be marketed closer to a beauty product. With soft, feminine packaging that evoked life, luminescence and rebirth it was something women didn't have to feel embarrassed to have in their shopping cart. 


EXPLORATION: Balancing Beauty and Science 

In order to strike the balance between beauty and science (as seen in other cosmetic/beauty brands)
a wide range of concepts were explored for qualitative testing.



Concept Name: Radiant 

Consumer Response 
“... It conjures up the feeling that your hair is going to grow.
Light, spiritual. Hope. Springtime and new beginnings.”

“I mentioned rebirth and new life which is significant here... that’s what we want. We want new growth, the rebirth of our hair follicles.”

Concept Strengths 
- Offered a rare, emotional consumer connection
- “Rays of light” gave a sense of hope and confidence – regrowth and ”re-birth” of hair follicles
- Soothing quality eased consumers’ concerns for product side effects (eg. damaging existing hair, irritating scalp, etc.)



Concept Name: Petals

Consumer Response 
“I don’t want something that’s just pretty. This is more serious and to me, it indicates that it contains medicine. That’s good!”

“It looks very clinical. Almost like Clinique. It just looks to me like this is going to work.”

Concept Strengths 
- Offered a good balance of effectiveness and beauty
- A sense of confidence was gained via the “serious” and “pharmaceutical look”; logo contributed to this perception
- Emphasis on product claims via white space and circular foam icon supported these perceptions



While the US brand launch was the focus of this project, presence and insights from EMEA markets were also taken
into consideration. Regaine, as the brand is known worldwide, has a very strong brand perception and considered extremely
reliable and effective. Because Radiant tested so emotionally strong with the groups, the decision was made to go to market
under Rogaine/Regaine in order to maintain the overall global brand equity.