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Building a brand on personal memories 

Bibendum AB, one of Sweden's largest alcohol importers, was interested in launching their own private label to make use of excess product from their producers. The product at any given time could vary widely in type (beer, wine, or spirits), quality (good to excellent), and price (mid-range to very high), so the new brand had to be flexible and open enough to accommodate such a large range. 

Develop the brand platform, naming, and marketing launch strategy for a new alcohol & spirits brand with widely varied product.  

Swedes in their early/mid 30s - early/mid 40s

On the weekends Swedes tend to spend time at home with their significant others, kids, or close friends rather than going out to bars. This is largely due to cold winter temps and going out being considered an expensive affair. 


The alcohol and spirits market is already saturated with products marketing the same things: partying, tradition and quality, or luxury.

Knowing that winter in Sweden runs around 6 months out of the year, we recognized that that is a long time to spend indoors with more or less the same people. So we wanted the new brand to remind them of why they love their family and friends so much in the first place, rather than tout the qualities of the product itself, and potentially inspire new memories together.

“nu” (“now” in Swedish) is a brand that aims to spark memories, in-store and at-shelf when consumers are already shopping for a person or occasion in mind. 

TV SPOT   Marketing alcohol in Sweden is virtually impossible due to heavy government regulations. For example, an alcoholic beverage can never be shown with more than one bottle or glass, or food (unless it's an ingredient in the beverage) as it would imply a "social situation" which in turn can be seen as promoting excessive alcohol consumption. 

So, to introduce the brand to the market, we proposed a series of TV spots around questions to spark a memory.


LAUNCH RANGE   Knowing that Swedes favor wine and beer over spirits, we proposed a range of seven products to position in each category in Systembolaget (the government-run and regulated alcohol stores). It's also worth it to note that advertising or promotional pricing of any kind in Systembolaget is illegal. 


PERSONAL BOARDS   To extend the experience digitally, users can create boards with the people they choose. Here they can upload images, sound, videos or text to share and remember their moments together.