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J&J Retail Strategy

Promoting Healthy Living through the Shopping Experience

Superdrug, a drugstore brand in the UK, is known as a destination for the quick purchase of beauty and other toiletry items. With a youthful, beauty focus it is not, however, at all associated with health or pharmacy.

Challenges included: 
– Building a consistent Superdrug Health identity
– Creating a clear destination for health in-store
– Offering an engaging service experience
– Providing credible expert advice 

Research showed Boots as a trusted and serious brand but this also meant cold, clinical and impersonal from a brand perspective. We positioned Superdrug as the opposite – warm and welcoming, offering the casual, light-hearted approach to a healthy living lifestyle.

As part of a 5-year roll out, the first test store was launched in November 2012. We initiated the following changes which received great customer feedback.

- Established green as the Health category color, using it across fixtures, walls, and graphics
- Revitalized imagery from cold, sick people to happy, healthy youthful families and people
- Changed straightforward tone of voice to a lighter, encouraging tone
- Introduced textures and materials to make the space more inviting and warm (wood tones, soft imagery)
- Changed the layout of the space for better flow and visibility to the pharmacy counter, also improving category and product layout
- Evolved the "SuperYou" identity into "Become the SuperYou," establishing Superdrug as a partner in learning how to better live a healthy lifestyle.