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J&J Consumer Healthcare

Johnson & Johnson, Consumer:
The “Unsexy” Side of Design

It's worth it to say that designing for consumer goods in the healthcare industry is largely awkward and definitely not considered “sexy” (think meetings about tampons and cold sores). But quite honestly, it was during my time at Johnson & Johnson that I've learned the most in my career, particularly about the power of strategy and user research. It's also been some of the most challenging work I've ever done. 

Developing consistent style, design and brand messaging for global brands is an enormous task because of the many different cultural perceptions of color, imagery, even text and brand names. Not to mention the varying laws and regulations around these pharmaceutical products. It was often a series of moving parts all working in parallel work streams, but this is what made the job vastly interesting and rewarding. 

As corporate NDAs dictate, I am not at liberty to share certain things but I'm happy to have a chat in person about my experience at J&J.

Over the course of 2 years I've had my hand in:

- brand redesigns and new brand launches
- package design development 
- brand books and guidelines

- quantitative and qualitative research 
- focus groups
- product innovation and co-creation workshops
- analysis of research for design implementation

Some brands I've worked on: