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Absolut Vodka

ABSOLUT Limitless:
Exploring the Future Bar Experience 

How can we promote interaction in bars and get customers to ask for ABSOLUT Vodka by name?

While cocktails continue their rise in popularity both in bars and at home, there is a daunting learning curve for the average consumer, especially when what you order says something about who you are. It is difficult to know what's-what and where exactly to begin.

ABSOLUT Limitless is an app designed to create custom cocktails based on basic flavor profiles like sweet, bitter, fruity, etc. When arriving to the bar, the user is given an iPad to choose the proportion of their flavors, the custom cocktail is sent to behind the bar where it's mixed by the bartender. While waiting, the user can name and save their recipe to share or recreate at home!

The app also aims to build familiarity and loyalty for specific Absolut flavors and instills the behavior of asking for Absolut by name in customers.


More information on the project: ABSOLUT Liquid Data